Here you will find the most important milestones in our company history:

1984   Company founded by Dr. Wolfgang Hillger  
1984   First product: Filter modules for Airbus in Bremen  
1986   Sonograf 1000 - our first ultrasonic testing system  
1989   HFUS 2000 ultrasonic inspection system with a 120 MHz bandwidth  
1995   PC cards HILL-Scan 30XX  
1998   AirTech 4000 imaging system with air coupling  
1999   Hillgus software for Windows  
2000   Hardware increasingly replaced by software  
2003   Full A-scan storage with 12 bit resolution  
2005   Pulser/receiver controllable via USB  
2007   Modular multi-channel systems  
2009   Imaging ultrasonic inspection system FLEXUS BETON  
2010   High frequency ultrasonic system USPC 3060 UHF  
2012   Robot-guided air coupled ultrasonic inspection  
2014   Move into new company building  
2015   Ultra-low noise preamplifier  
2016   On-site calibration / AirTech array probes  
2017   NOISYC: single-sided air coupled ultrasonic inspection  
2019   Integration into the BUTTING Group  
2019   Change of name to Hillger NDT GmbH and new managing director Dr Artur Szewieczek  
2020   USBUS inspection devices  
2021   HILL-Jet squiter nozzles