A qualified interpretation of the results requires a high understanding of wave propagation and its interaction with the structur and possible structural damage. Hillger NDT offers various inspevtion systems and evaluation methods for this purpose. 


With a frequency range of 10 kHz -10 MHz for various applications like Mineral building materials, wood, foam, thick forgings and other difficult-to-test materials. The special feature is the Pulse-echo technology procedure technology from 10 kHz.


  • Characterisation of probes
  • Manual material testing
  • Time and frequency analysis
  • Training and education
  • Research and development
  • Mobile application possible

USPC 5000

In addition to a mobile USPC, the USPC 5000 inspection system consists of a transmitter and receiver unit with robust BNC connections. It provides eight transmitter and eight receiver channels, allowing 64 signal paths to be automatically captured. The inspection system is controlled by our proven Hillgus software, for which numerous options are available. The gain configurable is in 0.1 dB steps and can be adjusted separately for each signal path. The inspection system offers a -3 dB bandwidth from 1 kHz to 2.5 MHz. The built-in 16 bit ADC delivers a dynamic range of 90 dB and a time resolution of 100 ns. Before digitization, hardware high- and low-pass filters can be used. To further increase the signal-to-noise ratio, software filters (option) or averaging can be set over complete A-scans. In addition, the system has reference signal functions, whereby only signal changes compared to a recorded reference are displayed. As a result, the effects of different loads on the component can be investigated in quasi real time.

USPC 3073 FlexPac

Our USPC 3073 FlexPac low-frequency ultrasonic inspection system offers 48 parallel channels, enabling fast data acquisition without multiplexing. Each channel is individually electronically controlled and can be operated either as a transmitter, receiver or in pulse echo mode. Operation and control is carried out by our Hillgus measurement software. The results can be evaluated with our software Oculus or third-party tools.

Applications: Fireproof bricks, mineral building materials, in-production inspection, research and development


  • 48 Transmitter- and Receiver channels
  • 3 HILL-SCAN 3070-ATR Analog Modules, each with 16 channels
  • Bandwidth: 20 kHz to 450 kHz
  • 48 ADC channels with 16 Bit and 20 MS/s
  • Max. pulse repetition frequency: 400 Hz
  • Burst-Transmitter with max. 200 V Output Voltage
  • Powerful portable PC with multi-core processor
  • Controlled by our measurement software Hillgus
  • Data analysis with Oculus or third-party software possible due to open file formats