Mobile Inspection Systems

Our MUSE (Mobile Ultrasonic Equipment) is a portable ultrasonic imaging device, designed for on-site inspections. Different models are available. The system consists of a scanner with step motors, a water management system for the acoustic coupling and a mobile ultrasonic inspection device (USPC). The scanner is fixed to the specimen surface by suction feet. Thereby, it can even be used vertically or overhead.

The system is suitable for both air and water-coupled inspections with one-sided access. With our LIUS probe adapter for local water coupling, the MUSE system delivers the same high-resolution results in the form of B-, C-, D- and F-scans as a conventional system with an immersion tank. Depending on the gearbox type, the maximum scanning speed is up to 1000 mm/s, the maximum resolution is 0.05 mm.

All components of the system can be accommodated in two transport cases and can therefore be transported and operated by one person.

Scope of applications:

  • In-service ultrasonic inspections
  • Inspections of CFRP, GFRP, metals etc.
  • Material characterization
  • Detection for internal defects
  • Quality control
  • Thickness control

Fig. 1: MUSE Z400

Fig. 2, 3 and 4: LIUS probe adapter, Control PC, Water management system MUWA 4