About us

Hillger NDT is your partner for the non-destructive ultrasonic material inspection since 1984. We develop and produce imaging ultrasonic inspection systems with high resolution in the frequency range from 1 kHz to 200 MHz for (inhomogeneous) materials with high sound attenuation or for other special requirements.

For water-coupled inspections, we offer different systems with immersion tanks, squirter technique or a special water gap coupling from our own development. Since 1998, we have been the first German manufacturer to offer a solution for air-coupled inspections with our Airtech inspection technology. With our partners such as Robo-Technology from Puchheim, we have already implemented several large-scale systems for complex shaped components with a length of over 20 meters.

Through decades of experience, our systems have been continuously optimized and improved. Our powerful software Hillgus and Oculus allows the user intuitive operation and complete documentation. All systems are based on a modular design in hardware and software, which makes them adaptable to individual customer requirements and expandable at any time.