AirTech Probe Arrays

In order to reduce the scanning time of air-coupled investigations, we have developed a parallel 8-channel data acquisition that combines electronic scanning with mechanical scanning. The array technique reduces the scanning time for a square meter from 28 to 4 minutes.

The ultrasonic inspection system consists of an 8-channel USPC 4008 AirTech as well as a transmission array AirTech XX0-8T and a receiver array AirTech XX0-8R. The arrays are available with inspection frequencies of 120, 200 and 300 kHz and also as a broadband version with 10-60 kHz. A selection is shown in Figure 1. The application of an AirTech 200-8 transducer array is shown in Figure 2.

In addition to the eight sensor elements, our ultra-low-noise preamplifier technology and analog signal processing are integrated into the receiver arrays. Compared to our standard probes, this results in a 4 dB better signal-to-noise ratio. The electrical connection and clamping diameter of all array types are identical, which allows a quick change.

Fig. 1: 8 channel AirTech Arrays

Fig. 2: Application example with AirTech 200-R/T