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The focus of our business activities is the development of ultrasonic systems for materials testing.

Air Coupled Ultrasonic Testing

Air Coupled Ultrasonic Testing (ACUT) avoids the disadvantages of conventional investigation technique, where water is typically used as a coupling medium.

Immersion Technique

Ultrasonic imaging investigations are classically carried out in immersion technique with a short water delay distance.

Low-frequency Ultrasonics

The use of low-frequency ultrasonic inspection technique lies in quality control and quality assurance for materials which are difficult to investigate like wood, concrete, foams, thick CFRP and GRP components

Manuel Inspection

USBUS refers to a new family of powerful and affordable ultrasonic systems for research, development and education.

Structural Health Monitoring

Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) with guided waves (e.g.  Lamb waves) is a method for structure-integrated condition monitoring.

Software for Inspection Systems

We offer comprehensive and powerful software packages for our systems

The latest from HILLGER

Hillger NDT: Control trade fair

February 2024

The Control international trade fair for quality assurance will take place from 23 to 26 April 2024 in Stuttgart, Germany. Hillger NDT – member of the BUTTING Group – will be in attendance with highlights from its ultrasonic testing technology product range and live presentations.

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Exhibition Dates 2024
April - May 2024

Visit us at the following exhibitions:

>>  36. Control /
       Booth 8400 / Hall 8 / Stuttgart, DE / 23-26 April
>>  DGZfP-Jahrestagung /
       Osnabrück, DE / 6-8 May

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