Large-Scale Industrial Plants

Our ultrasonic inspection technology is used in large-scale systems for the EC 145 tail boom and for payload fairings of satellites with scanning lengths of over 20 meters.

Fig. 1: Industrial Application of our Air Coupled Ultrasonic Inspection

Fig. 2: 3D model of an Air-coupled Ultrasonic Inspection plant, utilized by Ruag Space in Emmen


RUAG Space in Emmen, Switzerland operates one of the largest air-coupled inspection plants in the world. The system works with our USPC 4000 AirTech with an AirTech probe pair in through-transmission. The two probes are guided synchronously and diametrically along the curved component surface by two robots. One robot is inside the component, the other outside. The system achieves a scanning speed of up to 1000 mm/s and a positioning accuracy of 1 mm.