Manual Inspection

Manual hand-guided inspections are usually performed in direct contact with a coupling paste. This requires A-scan ultrasonic inspection devices which, similar to an oscilloscope, display the received signal as amplitude over time.

With USBUS, we offer a range of powerful and cost-effective A-scan ultrasonic inspection devices for research, development and training. The USBUS devices can be connected to any Windows PC or laptop via a USB interface. Our high-quality and proven ultrasound cards and an ADC are integrated. The devices are controlled with our proven Hillgus software. With the Bt-scan option, Hillgus also delivers results as a live cross-sectional image of the specimen. This occurs during the manual movement of the probe or component.

System family USBUS
USBUS refers to a new device family with a very good price/performance ratio. Here, the user uses an existing PC (or laptop). The connection to the USBUS system is made via a USB interface. The following USBUS systems are available for different inspection tasks.

Fig. 1: Manual material testing


Frequency range

Applications Flyer
USBUS 3010 0,1 bis 20 Composites and metals USBUS
USBUS 3010 Hf 0,15 bis 35 Defects in composites even with a high resolution in
thinner components 
USBUS 3010 VHF 0,1 bis 65 Bond inspections, inspections of composite components, thickness 
measurement up to 0.1 mm steel, probe characterization
USBUS 3060 UHF 1 bis 200 Semiconductors, contacts, bonding, thickness mesasurement up to 0.1 mm 
steel, probe characterization 
3060 UHF
USBUS 3011 NF 0,01 bis 10,5 Concrete, wood, steel, composites, foams USBUS

Tab. 1: Applications for the USBUS-Family


Portable Computer
On request, all devices can also be installed in a portable PC or in an industrial PC. It is then possible to extend the device to an imaging system.


>> Flyer: USBUS 3010