Hillgus for Windows


  • Fast imaging with A-, B-, C- and D- scans

  • Full-wave-scan option
  • Hillgus controls the HFUS 2XXX-, HILL-SCAN 3XXX- and all USPC XXXX- systems
  • Easy to handle, shortcut- and menu- driven
Hillgus for Windows™ is the digital high resolution and fast data acquisition package for evaluation of A-scans (A-scan-software) and for ultrasonic imaging (generating of C-, D- and B-scans).

Hillgus for Windows™ controls ADC-boards up to 5 GSamples.

Hillgus for Windows™ combines the control of motion and of ultrasonic systems, serves to data acquisition and data analyses.

Hillgus for Windows™ supports:
  • Instrument control
  • Motion control
  • Data aquisition
  • Evaluation and report preparation software

Motion control for scan-systems:

  • Home position
  • Graphic display of scanning area, a reference C- and/or D-scan may be displayed in it
  • Different scanner definitions
  • "Go-to" function

Hillgus Data Aquisition Software:

  • Real B-, C-, D-scans and full-wave-scans at high speed
  • up to 20 kHz pulse repetition frequency
  • max. 50 dB dynamic range in a C-scan
  • A-, B-, C- and D-scans may also be extracted from full-wave-scan files
  • Automatic gate control
  • Storage and recall of set-ups
  • Single-A-scan storage in (user-friendly) ASCII files
  • Data analyses of stored A-scans
  • Automatic scanning with real-time C- and/or D-scans and displays of A-scans and amplitude(s) and time of flights

Oculus evaluation and reporting software:
  • Zoom-, contrast- and measurement- function
  • Histogram and statistic functions
  • Export of the results to *.bmp-files or other applications
  • image results in colour and grey-level palettes
  • Palette editor to create own palettes
  • Display of vertical and horizontal profiles (echo-dynamic curves, profiles of time of flights)
  • User defined protocols
Software for Ultrasonic Inspections