MUSE Mobile Ultrasonic Equipmentg

NEW: Manipulator Z-400
The MUSE, a portable ultrasonic imaging system, was developed for in-field inspections of light-weight structures. The MUSE consists of a motor-driven manipulator, a water circulation system for the acoustic coupling and a portable ultrasonic flaw detector (USPC 3010). The MUSE provides images of internal defects (A-, B-,C- and D-scan).


  • Ultrasonic imaging
  • In-Service-inspections
  • Indication of defects
  • Inspections of aircraft components
  • Automatic ultrasonic testing
  • Motor driven manipulation system with vacuum pads
  • Probe holder for “local immersion technique” with water circulation system
  • Ultrasonic flaw detector with built-in motor controller
  • High scanning speed up to
  • Mechanical resolution 40 µm
  • Scanning area 434 mm x 275 mm
  • Vacuum pads as holders on curved and/or vertical flats
  • Powerful motors
  • Low power consumption
  • Reference technique provides exact re-positioning
  • Cardan probe holder

MUSE-Manipulator Z400 with transducer fixture
Water-circulation System with pumps
  • Water circulation system with water tank (~ 1 litre)
  • Suction- and pressure pumps for water circulation
  • Electronic control of the pressure pump
  • Easy handling and carrying
  • Additional suction pump for
    vacuum pads
Ultrasonic flaw detector with
built-in motor controller
  • Portable system for Ultrasonic imaging
  • A-, B-, C-, D- and F- scans
  • 30 MHz bandwidth and avalanche pulser provide high resolution
  • 12bits 200Msamples/s digitizer
  • Built-in motor controller for manipulatior
  • Built-in PC for evaluation and documentation
  • TFT-colour display
  • User-friendly Hillgus-software
Cardanic fixed transducer adapter with built-in focual immersion transducer
A focual transducer and an optimized signal processing provide high resolution; indication of porosity in a CFRP-component, left: C-scan, right: B-scan with layer echoes and ondulations
Mobile Ultrasonic Equipment MUSE Z-400