USPC 4000 AirTech
  • Air-coupled high resolution ultrasonic imaging
  • Easy handling
  • Modular design
  • Basic version: A-, C- and D-scans
  • Instruction and initial operation on location
  • Training by request

  • Quality control
  • Testing of metallic, ceramic, composite
    materials and wood
  • Indication of internal defects like Debondings, enclusions, delaminations
  • Research and development
The USPC 4000 AirTech provides non-contact ultrasonic testing with air in single shot technique.
Because of the large impedance mismatch between solids and air, special transducers and a special pulser/receiver system are necessary. The programmable burst transmitter of the USPC 4000 AirTech enables power for the excitation.
On the other hand, the separate ultra-low noise preamplifier and the signal processing on the receiver side indicate lowest pulses with a high signal to noise ratio. The system provides a maximum pulse repetition frequency of 5 kHz! Our software Hillgus for Windows enables an easy operation of the system. Not only A-, B-, C- and D-scans can be processed, but also full-wave data recording with software-evaluated A-, B-, C- and D-scans.
The ultrasonic imaging system USPC 4000 AirTech provides high resolution, multiple applications and easy handling. The system consists of a 19”-rack with the ultrasonic system and the motor controller and on the other hand of the scanner with probe holder. The modular design enables an upgrade even after several years and the modification for new applications.
  • 12 or 14 Bit ADC up to 500 Ms/s
  • Fast full-wave data recording
  • Digital high- and low pass filters
  • F-scan (FFT-scan)
  • Scanner with enlarged area (500x 500mm, or even larger)