USPC 5000 Health-Monitoring-System for Lamb-Wave Testing
Modular, 8-channel ultrasonic system optimised for the inspection with Lamb-waves and Acousto-Ultrasonics
Upgradable for ultrasonic imaging techniques (A-, B-, C-, D- und F- scans) with built-in scanner controller for the MUSE-scanner
Ultrasonic testing using Lamb-Waves:
USPC 5000 for research and development
  • 8-channel transmitter
  • Arbitrary-generator for special transmitter pulses
  • 8 receiving channels
  • 64 testing cycles
  • 14 or 16 bit ADC
  • Extremely high signal-to-noise-ratio (70 dB)
  • Hardware high- and lowpass- filters
  • Frequency range: < 1kHz bis 2,5 MHz
  • Software Hillgus for Windows encluding datalogger
  • Automatic time of flight and amplitude measurement
  • FFT option
Lamb-waves are propagating large areas and therefore offer the possibility of testing large areas of components without scanning. Therefore the cost of inspections can be reduced dramatically.
However, each frequency generates two dispersive modes; their velocities are frequency-dependent.
The received signals are complex and much more difficult to evaluate than those of the classic ultrasonic testing. Therefore much research has to be done. For these applications the USPC 5000 has been developed. This system with 8 transmitters, 8 receiving channels and 64 testing cycles features high flexibility, high dynamic range, arbitrary transmitter and easy to handle software Hillgus for Windows.
Option: Ultrasonic Imaging
  • A-, B-, C-, D- und F- scans
  • ADC 200 Ms/s, 14 bit
  • Built-in motor-controller for MUSE-scanner
  • Frequency range: 1 kHz bis 20 MHz
  • Burst-transmitter for Sandwich-components
  • Pulse repitition frequency up to 10 kHz
  • Option: visualisation of Lamb-waves propagation
The USPC 5000 contains a powerful Windows computer. Therefore the system not only provides high resoloution but also all possibilities of a powerful PC such as evaluation and documentation.
USPC 5000 Applications:

Software Hillgus for Windows; simultaneous display of: excitation, transmitter pulse, A-scan, spectrum, amplitudes, time of flight, transmitter/receiver matrix
Option Imaging:
C- und B- scans provide defect detection (i. E. as a reference for Lamb wave testing or optionally visualisation of Lamb wave fields)
CFRP-stringer stiffned component
(Airbus) with Piezo- actuators and sensors